January 24, 2020

Voluntary work

ADDA needs volunteers to carry out its daily task. We are dedicated to reach  the consciences of the community to track there the causes of  mistreatment  and cruelties towards animals of all the species and to try to prevent criminal acts. This task is very difficult and needs of dedicated volunteers to help the heavy burden that implies to work every day in this area of the protectionism.

We considered that our community needs every day more money to live a decent life. People that years before had an employment,  today needs two. In the case of the students an important part of them have to work  too. What free time can we ask to this heroic young people? It is for that reason that we are considering  elder people with a pension that wants to work with ADDA on honorary bases. We need volunteers that can work with the computer, doing administrative work, file, to dispatch mail, we also need voluntary people that work on organizations of events  We need lawyers, specialized in criminal cases,  veterinarians, biologists, agents of press, etc.

Who would be interested to work with ADDA  on honorary bases please,  send us a mail to  adda@fibertel.com.ar   or call us to our Central phone 4856-7028, and live a message at Extension # 7

Observers of Zone

People that  do not have free time, but have the desire to collaborate with ADDA in some way during the time in which they travel towards and from their work or study, could collaborate with animals as zone observers. It is our desire to help animals, even when they are in very far places through  the work done by local people to whom we can instruct. We mean animals mistreated by their responsible in different ways. The zone observer will write down themselves with us for the zone they can frequently walk.

This article can not be take as an Instructive document. ADDA is compiling and writing down an Instructive that could be ready in some two weeks.

If you are interested to work and collaborate  with ADDA,  respond to:   adda@fibertel.com.ar , or call us: telephone 4856-7028, Extension # 7.