January 24, 2020

Toads, our friends of the garden

The toads need our protection. They do to the ecological balance when feeding itself on caterpillars, slimy, snails, ants and great variety of insects.

It is very important that we teach to the children that toads need our respect and protection, as dogs, cats and all other animal near the human being.

Carlos Fernandez Balboa in his book “Anfibios” says that “people calls frog or toad to all the species of anfibios”, and he emphasizes that there are 4,150 different species of amphibians divided in three important groups. Would be advisable to read about the amphibians to know them better and to put an end to that mixture of fear and rejection that finishes unjustly condemning them to bad treatments and cruelties. The lack of knowledge of these animals in primary education, usually takes to erroneous deductions of children and adolescents.

When this summer we frequent the garden or the country seat and take into account that there is a toad that has chosen our natural space and to us as  cohabitants, be glad,  but simultaneously have respect of its independence as a wild animal

As they can be camouflaged under the fallen leaves we must be careful not to hurt them with the garden`s tools, they can be severely wounded by the machine to cut the grass.

Martha Gutiérrez