January 24, 2020

More than 90% of the so called “safe” drugs used in animal experiments fail tests on humans

More than half of all approved drugs will be left to a side due to serious or mortal effects on human beings. Source: IAAPEA (International Animal Action Bulletin).

The use of animals for testing cosmetic products or ingredients in the UK has been banned, but animals are still regularly used for testing botulinic toxin lots for Botox injections used in cosmetics. The IAAPEA – International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals create campaigns that forbid this type of cruel experiments carried out on live animals.

Are you familiar with the International Network for Humane Education (InterNICHE)? This organization is seated in England, but also has representatives and national contacts in different countries. InterNICHE is an open network that includes students, teachers and animal protectors. No membership is needed because it is a free association that is all about progressive and humanitarian education and ethical science. InterNICHE provides media and a debate forum for all those who feel represented by this organization. InterNICHE works in association to all person or organism that shares the same wish to replace all types of uses that damage animals and that wish to invest in high ethical quality science. Its General Coordinator is Nick Jukes. Did you know that Martha Gutiérrez, President of ADDA, is the National Contact for interNICHE in Argentina?

Please click on the interNICHE website: www.interniche.org