January 24, 2020

Proyecto Equinos: Centro de atencion a caballos de tiro

Center of Attention for Carth Horses

Within the framework of the Municipal Ordinance that prohibit the equine traction in the City of Buenos Aires, ADDA insisted with the authorities in the necessity of having a piece of land within the Capital to have a place where to take the horses of the transgressors to the mentioned Ordinances when they are founded in the City.

During sixteen years each time the authorities of the Capital changed, ADDA insisted with the project of the Equine Center.

During the year 2002 a new entity presented a similar project.

Our Directive Committee suggested to invite the representative of that entity to join and sign our project. So that was it.

A whole year pass and finally we could obtain the land we needed.

The animals that entered to the Center in good health, were given back to their owners after they paid the fine.

The animals that come to us with scarce weight, or that they were hurt or ill, remained in the Center until his recovery, and those animals that showed damages cause by negligence or cruelty remained also in the Center. The people that was responsible for the mentioned cruelty acts were denounce to the corresponding Court.

The food for the horses has been always a priority factor for ADDA. Thanks to donations of European countries and the USA, ADDA obtained the economical recourses to acquire balanced food and pasture.

The Center always counted with a veterinarian and an employee that took care of them. This man lived in the Center.

After two years and two months, we registered 650 equines that entered our Center where they had food, rest and respect. Just less than 10% of the horses that entered to the Center were in good conditions, 40% of the animals showed exhaustion and the indifference of the people that should be responsible for them and 50% showed the cruelty the noble animal suffered.

The task has been huge and every day we had to face the owners of the horses, a task that was very difficult and dangerous.

Adoption of Equines

We do not give equines for opened fields. We give them to families who have a piece of land with fences in order to prevent the animals to be stolen.

The interested people can let us a message calling (+54-11)