January 24, 2020

National Law Nº 14.346/54

National Law Nº 14.346/54 – Animal Protection

Sanctioned by the National Congress on September 27th, 1954.

Section 1 – Whoever inflicts any mistreatment or makes any animal a victim of cruel acts will be condemned from 15 days to one year.

Section 2 – The following are considered mistreatment:

1. To not feed domestic or wild animals, referring to food amount and quality.
2. Incite them for work, through the use of instruments that can provoke unnecesary punishments or painful sensations.
3. Make them work long hours without giving them adequate rest, according to the season.
4. Use them for work even though they are not healthy enough.
5. Stimulate them with drugs that are not for therapeutic purposes.
6. Use animal to pull vehicles that exceed their strength.

Section 3 – The following are considered acts of cruelty:

1. The practice of vivisection with purposes that are not scientifically provable and in places or by people that are not duly authorized to do it.
2. Mutilate any part of an animal’s body, unless it is for reasons of improvement, branding or hygiene of the respective animal species or if it is done because it is better for the animal.
3. Practice surgery on animals without anesthetics and without a medical or veterinarian license, with purposes that are not therapeutic or for technical surgery training, unless it is an emergency and can be properly proved.
4. Experiment with animals that are superior in the zoological scale than the ones wich are required for the kind of experiment.
5. Abandon animals used in experiments through your own means.
6. Cause the death of pregnant animals when this state is obvious, this is only allowed for legally established industries that are founded on exploitation of the not born.
7. Intentionally hurt or run over animals, torture them or make them suffer unnecessarily or kill them for no reason.
8. Carry out public or private animal fights, bullfights, practice of demonstration or games with young bulls where the animals are killed or hurt.