January 22, 2020


ADDA condemns any type of discrimination to animals. That is why it represents all of them: farm animals, companion animals, wild animals, mammals, birds, insects, fishes, amphibia, mollusca… “Speciescism”, expression that was coined and became popular in the ’70 is the one that better describes the discrimination of human being against other animal species; as well as the preference for species greatly connected to human’s environment; ADDA struggles to eradicate “Speciescism”.
This entity has always promoted respect for animals from the point of view of the worth of each one of them regardless of the so common preference for companion animals or for those that give services to human being.
ADDA fully agrees with the Universal Declaration of Animal’s Rights make public in a room of the UNESCO in the seventies which afterwards receives modifications mostly in its form.
ADDA took its name from this Declaration Statement and since it was founded it regards it at its Magna Chart and spreads it as well as suggests that animal area rules should be inspired by this Declaration because it is considered the world’s most important document of defense and protection of animals.