January 22, 2020

Raising pious children

If we pretend to save our planet, we should reach the children`s hart  and teach them for peace.

The children raised in pro justice for all man kind they would turn out in more justices and careful grown ups.

The responsibility of adults, father, teachers in this subject is huge, because the children produce their results in relationship with the information provided.

Their home and the school should be an environment where the children start a path of mercy and justice to another being and learn how to help others, specially when they are weak and helpless, like the case of non-human animals, because they are also like our selves.

The Parents and teachers misunderstanding in front of the emergency situation of an animal, could leave serious damage in the child´s mind. Is very important that the parents pay attention to the natural tendencies of a child, like giving help to an abandon, sick or hurt animal. Despite of some sacrifices, the grown ups should support them in projects of empathy like this. A pious child, hardly will become a bad  adult.  The act of abandon a pet that shared the home with the family  , is a terrible negative thing for a child´s mind.

On the other side, a cruelly act that a child commit against an animal  should never be justify as ` they are children, they would learn`. Because they never will learn if adults don´t  correct them.  Children that commit some cruel acts are propelled to commit other abuses in their future.

The tribunals of justice are doing wrong when considering  the cruelty of a child committed against an animal as a minor offence, because in this way the Judges are not preventing a “time bomb´.  If a child is not  corrected from hurting an animal , he will repeat this action. If the parent can see that the child does a repetitive cruelty should make an appointment with a mental health professional.

I remember during the beginning of last year, ADDA had a case of 3 children around 12 years old that they fed some pigeons in the park in order to catch them and put them inside the culvert and let them die inside. Who ever was the complainant, he did what we ask for and brought the addresses of those children. So we sent a letter to their parents and they never did this terrible action again.

We had another case of cruelty toward a horse that we present to the minority judge and it conclude in taking the minor to a mental health professional.

Parents and Teachers should never doubt that the design of a benevolent world, will be written with the hands of children, we only need to put kind examples inside their minds and their harts and let them write the future.