January 22, 2020

ADDA refused to sign the document presented by oie, senasa and wspa in buenos aires

DIFUSION, EDUCATION, LEGISLATION, REGISTRATION AND STERILIZATION AS INSTRUMENTS OF CONTROL OF THE OVERPOPULATION OF ABANDONED AND LOOSE DOGS. Although we have cleared this story with people who know ADDA, others continue to spread malicious and unsubantiated information. It is important not to confuse the list of people attending the conference with a list of signatories who were not supported by ADDA. While it seems that we are wasting time, our organization is working up to 18 hours per day, Monday through Friday. We have accomplished many projects such as: - in 2004 banning circuses with animals from entering the Capital - in 2002 prohibiting the forced feeding of geese and ducks. - in 19 [Read more]