January 22, 2020

Abused horses available for adoption.

Frequently ADDA encounters horses that have been abused and then given up for adoption. “Manuel”, a horse that was given up and adopted by Ximena Ciavaglia. We have been receiving requests from people who have the space and would like to adopt some of these horses. At the site entitled ARGENTINA MAIN PRODUCER OF HORSE MEAT, one can see the atrocities commited in the meat slaughterhouses. Gaining access to these abused horses is no small feat. The meat brings a great profit Anyone caring to adopt a horse must have a field where the animal can graze freely with proper security. The property must be gated and completely fenced in (Olympic style fences). There must be a barn where th [Read more]

National Animal Welfare Adivsory Committee


During the year 2001, ADDA, requested to SENASA presidency to create the Animal Welfare Committee, with this request file nº 10.515/2001 was initiated and after one year of going through different areas of SENASA it was finally approved on April 11th, 2002, Resolution 253/02. In the Resolution 253/02 clauses, among other things, it says “the aspects of Animal Welfare for food producing animals is essential for public health and for protecting consumers”; “The delegates of the members in the 69th General Session of the OIE approved the General Director Work Program for the application of the OIE’s Strategic Third Plan, where for the period between 2001 and 2005 new is [Read more]

Proyecto Equinos: Centro de atencion a caballos de tiro


Center of Attention for Carth Horses Within the framework of the Municipal Ordinance that prohibit the equine traction in the City of Buenos Aires, ADDA insisted with the authorities in the necessity of having a piece of land within the Capital to have a place where to take the horses of the transgressors to the mentioned Ordinances when they are founded in the City. During sixteen years each time the authorities of the Capital changed, ADDA insisted with the project of the Equine Center. During the year 2002 a new entity presented a similar project. Our Directive Committee suggested to invite the representative of that entity to join and sign our project. So that was it. A whole year pass a [Read more]

Force feeding – Geese, ducks


There is a feeding method for birds, such as geese and ducks that is far from compassionate towards animals and their welfare. This method is called force feeding; it was originated in France and comes from the Roman times. Force feeding is a very violent method due to the fact that birds are forced to swallow a cooked warm purée specially prepared for the bird to get fat quickly and make its liver quadruplicate in size, in a very short time. But that’s not all. To make the swallowing easier a tube with a diameter the same size as the esophagus is used, through which the nourishment passes, this tube remains in the same position until the food mix destined to each animal is inside them. [Read more]