January 22, 2020

Crabs and lobsters


The human “paladar” does not know limits. Not only eats everything that is not of his own species, but that does it without absolutely no concern about the suffering of non human animals. At the top of these bad treatments, they would be the crustaceans like lobsters, crabs and others specimens far away from the emotional surroundings of the human being.  The crustaceans are thrown to boiling water inside the pots of cooks and other people of “refined” taste, without the most  minimal objection by the suffering this animals could experiment. The crustaceans would have to be sacrificed before being submerged in boiling water, but I must confess that I do not know abo [Read more]

(Español) Vida cotidiana

Perla, adoptada por Juan Ignacio, hace 5 años.

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Las jineteadas, indefendibles

caballo nota adda

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Para que no haya otro Winner


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Entre el amor y el odio, un problema ciudadano

nota art entre el amor y el odio palomas

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Corrida de toros, la fiesta incomprensible

art corrida de toros

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Perros condenados a cadena perpetua, una crueldad

foto articulo perro condenados a cadena perpetua

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Qué habría que preguntarse al visitar un zoológico

foto art que habria que preg antes de ir al zoo

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Verano feliz para los perros

foto articulo verano feliz para los perros

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El calvario del ganado

vacas ruta

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Un drama biológicamente incomprensible


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Raising pious children


If we pretend to save our planet, we should reach the children`s hart  and teach them for peace. The children raised in pro justice for all man kind they would turn out in more justices and careful grown ups. The responsibility of adults, father, teachers in this subject is huge, because the children produce their results in relationship with the information provided. Their home and the school should be an environment where the children start a path of mercy and justice to another being and learn how to help others, specially when they are weak and helpless, like the case of non-human animals, because they are also like our selves. The Parents and teachers misunderstanding in front of the e [Read more]