January 22, 2020

Carta de lectores: De qué “vocación asesina” estan hablando??

In a country where every morning there is a ritual that celebrates thousands of animals being sacrificed horribly in Liniers Market, agreed upon by millions of Argentines who are anxiously waiting for their steak to arrive at the table; in which models frivolously exhibit beauty products from companies that terrorize live animals with their experiments; there are yellow groups who want to impede seeing the daily reality in which humans have made animals into a product; groups that don’t allow animal protection agencies to work with a real and global vision of the problematic of protectionism, in which like it or not, for the same condition that the humans brought to the animals, it is unavoidable to have a position with respect to the animals. It is this death that these groups prefer not to see; to live in a world that they invented and that hardly benefits the animal reality.

What is ridiculous about these groups is that in spite of cruelly killing thousands of animals every day and that euthanasia is a polemic topic for humans, they have already resolved this issue for the animals. To be coherent they should more accurately declare Argentina an assassination country rather than an exporter of cattle or call the corner butcher a carver, or call people cannibals when they eat their brothers and sisters at the Sunday barbeque.

Neither do they care about the industry -conducted experiments on thousands of innocent dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, etc. Their brains are asleep for this part of reality and everything seems to be okay. The word death doesn’t figure in their heads but they receive an electric shock when they see a law that tries to intervene, regulate and limit the animal deaths. Then, it has gone too far and the legislator takes on the role of killer and executer. They call for an immobilization and the superficiality of a society that reflects banal sensationalism and sentimentalism.

These groups in a kind of utopian egoism don’t allow intelligent entities. Part of the egotism of these people is that they only consider the animal world to consist of, first dogs, and then secondly, cats. Their vision doesn’t go any further than that.
An example of the limitation of these groups is the visceral opposition that they expressed in the presence of ADDA in the Pasteur Institute in the late 70’s and early 80’s where their sensitive spirit could never have dealt with the deaths of thousands of animals that the Institute killed yearly, when ADDA got involved in decision making and achieved two things: Reduction of the deaths to only 10 % in two years, got rid of the gas chamber that was the Institute and the streets of Buenos Aires and at least deviate the destiny of those who were going to die so they didn’t go to experiments for the benefit of humans.

These groups also vehemently complained when ADDA instigated the revision of the animal protection law project where they took a more constrictive attitude toward the animal deaths, modifying the encompassing existence that permitted that the killer go unpunished. These groups led by Jose Mario Mele the MAPA president at that time, coherent with his wishes, preferred something much more naïve: his great contribution was to prevent the article and not legislate anything at all to do with the issue. Behind this peace of conscience, which seems to be his priority, is the legal hole that was left that permitted anyone to kill an animal without being penalized. The law of APPLICATION in a world that they created and in which they apparently wake up. Brilliant work from people more committed to their own feelings than to those of the animals who in reality are portraits of their own fears. Sentimentaloids, immature, props protectionists and virtual obstructers of actors who seriously intervene in the animal world.

ADDA responds to these grievances, as is its specialty, with the facts of its long history. It was the promoting entity of sterilization in Argentina as a means of controlling the canine population so that the ANTIRRABICOS are more and more empty after more than 30 years of campaigns on TV. It was the introducer of early sterilization in Argentina to control the birthrate even more. They confiscated animals that were going to be experimented on in the Medical School on numerous occasions. It is the WORLD pioneer in eliminating the animal vivisection in primary and secondary schools. It is the ONLY ENTITY that being a member of WSPA, opposed the Universal Declaration of Animal Wellbeing whose ideology is to protect animal deaths from religious sects, cultural (bullfights and other traditions) and industry ( for example the experimentation on live animals) which then placed it in the category of undesirable and problematic member within the society which like it or not, divides the who has the upper hand of the world of protectionists. It also opposed the euthanasia stance of the WSPA in the recent JORNADOS in Buenos Aires and as is its specialty, proposed an education project to control the animal population without recurring to euthanasia. What “killer vocation” are they referring to?
The philosophy of ADDA was always to bring up issues, to be realistic and to keep close to decision making where others trembled and jumped ship, where they acted in a much more lukewarm and convenient labor of perturbance and defamation.

The reader will definitely be able to judge for himself who is who. As for me, I will encourage ADDA to continue working for the animals with its same energy and dedication.

Alberto M. Conte