January 24, 2020

Crabs and lobsters

The human “paladar” does not know limits. Not only eats everything that is not of his own species, but that does it without absolutely no concern about the suffering of non human animals. At the top of these bad treatments, they would be the crustaceans like lobsters, crabs and others specimens far away from the emotional surroundings of the human being.  The crustaceans are thrown to boiling water inside the pots of cooks and other people of “refined” taste, without the most  minimal objection by the suffering this animals could experiment.

The crustaceans would have to be sacrificed before being submerged in boiling water, but I must confess that I do not know about a humanitarian way to sacrifice them before any procedure of baking. Is not just me, several biologist said to me they did not know neither.  I hope that some biologist who reads this  article can make us kindly arrive to a solution, with which could be dealt to change this culture, mainly spread by those gourmets with space in TV and followed by so many  people.

I am conscious that this article could surprise some people. Others will say that the proposal is not practical, (not to say that they are not interested in a suffering that is so far from them ). Luckily I know there is a third group in growth are shearing with us the true sense of this note, which is just to abstained to cause pain or anxiety to an animal who do not have options. To be pious with the species that are less known for us is simply  a question to extend our moral horizons and to grant the benefit  of the doubt when it is to judge if a certain handling can cause or not suffering.