January 24, 2020

Abused horses available for adoption.

Frequently ADDA encounters horses that have been abused and then given up for adoption.

“Manuel”, a horse that was given up and adopted by Ximena


We have been receiving requests from people who have the space and would like to adopt some of these horses.

At the site entitled ARGENTINA MAIN PRODUCER OF HORSE MEAT, one can see

the atrocities commited in the meat slaughterhouses. Gaining access to these abused

horses is no small feat. The meat brings a great profit

Anyone caring to adopt a horse must have a field where the animal can graze freely

with proper security. The property must be gated and completely fenced in (Olympic

style fences). There must be a barn where the horse can be inside during the night.

The horse should not be left alone on the property.

Anyone having a property suitable for a horse and interested in adopting should register

with ADDA and allow an inspector to appraise the property. You can reach us by email

at adda@fibertel.com.ar or phone 4832-5627, ext. 7.