January 24, 2020

Force feeding – Geese, ducks

There is a feeding method for birds, such as geese and ducks that is far from compassionate towards animals and their welfare. This method is called force feeding; it was originated in France and comes from the Roman times.
Force feeding is a very violent method due to the fact that birds are forced to swallow a cooked warm purée specially prepared for the bird to get fat quickly and make its liver quadruplicate in size, in a very short time. But that’s not all.
To make the swallowing easier a tube with a diameter the same size as the esophagus is used, through which the nourishment passes, this tube remains in the same position until the food mix destined to each animal is inside them.
During 2002, ADDA presented an application to the SENASA forbidding force feeding. There were no existing ventures to produce minced liver using this method and we thought it was an ideal period to forbid this without affecting anybody. At that moment, the Committee for Animal Welfare was being created. Once it was created, the file on force feeding was found adequate by the Committee. After a year of passing through all areas related to the subject in SENASA, the ADDA file was approved and on August 20th, 2003, it became Resolution Nº 413/30.
There are many countries that produce pate de foie through the use of this cruel method. Luckily, in Argentina, we have made sure this aberration is forbidden.