September 2, 2014


Sufrimiento extremo de los cerdos

Quien podría poner en duda que animales y cosas no son conceptos equivalentes. Quienes parafraseando a Descartes podrían decir que los animales no sufren el dolor? Más aún, millones de personas dicen que simpatizan con los animales y otros hasta afirman que los animales son sus amigos. Sin embargo, un vasto sector de la humanidad prefiere olvidarse de estos cuestionamientos éticos cuando se t... Read more


Say NO to circuses

ADDA was a pioneer about public campaigns. Our entity use to teach to the community about different subjects of cruelty towards animal. Some of these campaign were: against the animal use in spectacles, circuses and similars; against the indiscriminate sale of puppies; against the shot of doves; against the vivisection; against the slaughter of whales; against the bullfighting celebrations in fore... Read more



Other Direct Actions

Rescue of animals from investigation centers: Twenty-four dogs from the School of Medicine (UBA) in 1984. Due ... Read more



  ... Read more



Force feeding – Geese, ducks

There is a feeding method for birds, such as geese and ducks that is far from compassionate towards animals and their welfare. This method is called force feeding; it was originated in France and comes from the Roman times. Force feeding is a very violent method due to the fact that birds are forced to swallow a cooked warm purée specially prepared for the bird to get fat quickly and make its liver quadruplicate in size, in a very short time. B... Read more

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